In October 2018 my Mum starved to death.  Either that, or she died of thirst.  Who can tell?  She couldn’t.  She couldn’t tell anything much for the last two years of her life. And at the end, she could not even swallow. Alzheimer’s, which had already robbed her of everything else, now took this last competence.  

I sat next to her in those last days, wishing she would forget how to breathe too, or her heart would lose the ability to beat. But they carried on. And on. Yes, I’m pretty sure she died of starvation. Or thirst.  Who can tell? 

I attach a photo of Mum as a young woman as a reminder that Alzheimer’s is coming for us all; one in six people over 80 have it, and it’s not a nice way to go. 
On Friday we are doing this ‘walk’:
in memory of my Mum and to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

Sorry to be a Chugger (Charity mugger – do they still exist?  I haven’t seen any since moving to East London…) but please go to the JustGiving site:
and consider making a donation to this charity – they’re doing what they can to make things better.